This is a VERY LIMITED RUN OF 25 copies on clear wax. This record was hand shaped and individually crafted in real time using a 1940's Presto 75A recording lathe. It is a unique piece. It is not the same as a traditionally pressed record. It was not made in a factory. It was hand carved from an 8ft sheet of polycarbonate plastic, shaped, sanded, waxed and cut in real time by one person. This record will not degrade after multiple plays, but it will attract lint, so be sure to clean the record and your needle often.


The number that you see in the picture may not necessarily be the number you receive. They are being sold on first come, first served basis.


It includes an 11x17 inch poster/insert, which is also numbered. This is a very cool and collectible piece! You will be kicking yourself when these show back up on eBay (if they ever do) for double or triple the money. Get it while you have the chance!!


There are NOT MANY of these left!! Get it while you can!

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