Ok Kids…..here we go with a NEW EXTREMELY LIMITED GG ALLIN release.


Here is the story with this. A GG fan/ collector licensed these 2 songs and had 111 of these made up. I ended up with half of the run. The other half will not see the light of day for years…if ever.


The tracks are Fuck Authority and Son Of Evil. They are the original mixes from the Carnival of Excess CD that was released on Vinyl Retentive in 1993. This 7" is an acknowledgment to the same 7", also issued on VRP back in 1993.


Grab this while you have the chance as these will not be available for long. A year from now, they will be selling for  double the price. Low numbers are available. First come, first served! I am selling these in the order they are received, so the number in the picture isn't the number you will receive.



Country--Price includes shipping
$15.00 plus shipping

Shipping is:

$3.00 to the USA

$13.50 to Europe

$9.50 to Canada


Shipping out of the USA is expensive and this is the actual shipping costs. It sucks.


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